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Match result

TeamMixed U9 - Ebors
OppositionPlains Farm Blues (Sunderland
Kick off10:15am 05/06/2010

Match report   Plains Farm went 1 up just before half time. Fulford pressed for an equaliser and Joe C had a couple of good shots blocked. Plains Farm then got a second on the break. Next up was BISC (Bolton). They were a very neat passing side who went one up with a shot from a very tight angle. Good saves from Tom H. kept the score at 1-0. Then it was Marton FC (Teesside). Fulford deserved to go in 0-0 at half-time, but Marton's power and strength made sure they ran out 3-0 winners. Then it was Scalby (Scarborough) who were the eventual Champions. They were possibly the best side we have faced in our 3 seasons, and their passing football was a joy to watch, and were deserved 2-0 winners. In the last 2 games the hot weather started to tell and Fulford heads began to drop slightly and we lost 4-0 to both Kader FC (Teesside) and Houghton Boys Tigers (Sunderland). It was a tough competition, but all the lads will have taken a lot from it. Tom Grantham was Fulford's Player of the Tournament. Tom Blades and Peter Fewster also played very well on their competitive A' Team debuts.


Richard Iggulden
CaptainThomas G
Player of the matchThomas G

Team stats

PlayerPositionContributionGoalsClean sheetsBookings
Harvey LGoalkeeperPlayed full match   
Thomas BDefencePlayed full match   
Peter FDefencePlayed full match   
Ross GDefencePlayed full match   
Thomas G   ©DefencePlayed full match   
Harry HDefencePlayed full match   
Joseph CMidfieldPlayed full match   
Harrison MMidfieldPlayed full match   
James CForwardPlayed full match   
Frankie EForwardPlayed full match   
Williaim George TForwardPlayed full match   

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