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Viewing results for the 2012 season...

JG Flooring Contractors York

JG Flooring Contractors York are proud to Sponsor the Fulford FC Under9's
JG Flooring Contractors York

Mixed U9 team page

Manager:Adrian Pickup, Dave Bell, Ray Meehan
Maximum age *:   9
Fixtures & results:Click here for full-time results
* - maximum age on 1st of September of the current playing year.

Mixed U9 squad

NamePositionPlayedScoredClean sheetsPotMCaptainYellow cardsRed cards
Andrew M    22 3   
Baran O    11 2   
Ciaran H    68 1   
Harrison B    45 3   
Jordan S    00 1   
Marcin C    11 2   
Matthew G    46 2   
Max F    23 3   
Nathan B    11 1   
Samuel O    614 3   
Samuel Pi    11 3   
Samuel Pi  Midfield  46 3   
Scot L    22 1   
Sebastien S    34     
For Played, F=Full match, P=Part match, S=Substitute
PotM = Player of the Match

Recent results:

Woodthorpe11am 21/04/13Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw1-1View
Woodthorpe11am 21/04/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss1-3View
Woodthorpe10:30am 21/04/13Lord Deramore's SchoolWin4-2View
Woodthorpe10:30am 21/04/13Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw1-1View
Rawcliffe10am 14/04/13AWAYLoss0-4View
Rawcliffe10am 14/04/13AWAYWin5-0View
Rawcliffe9:30am 14/04/13AWAYLoss1-2View
Rawcliffe9:30am 14/04/13AWAYLoss0-1View
HAXBY10:30am 17/03/13AwayWin3-1View
HAXBY10:30am 17/03/13AwayWin3-2View
Hamilton Panthers10:30am 10/03/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss1-2View
Hamilton Panthers10:30am 10/03/13Lord Deramore's SchoolWin3-2View
Hamilton Panthers10am 10/03/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss1-3View
Hamilton Panthers10am 10/03/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss1-2View
ELM PARK11am 24/02/13AWAYLoss1-2View
ELM PARK11am 24/02/13AWAYWin10-0View
ELMPARK10:30am 24/02/13AWAYDraw1-1View
ELM PARK10:30am 24/02/13AWAYWin1-0View
Copmanthorpe10am 16/02/13AWAYLoss1-3View
Copmanthorpe10am 16/02/13AWAYWin4-1View
Copmanthorpe9:30am 16/02/13AWAYLoss0-5View
Copmanthorpe9:30am 16/02/13AWAYWin4-2View
EASINGWOLD11:07pm 10/02/13Lord Deramore's SchoolWin2-1View
EASINGWOLD11am 10/02/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss0-1View
EASINGWOLD11am 10/02/13Lord Deramore's SchoolWin5-1View
EASINGWOLD10:30am 10/02/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss1-2View
TADCASTER ALBION11am 13/01/13AWAYWin4-1View
TADCASTER ALBION10:30am 13/01/13AWAYWin6-1View
Strensall10:30am 06/01/13Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw2-2View
STRENSALL10:30am 06/01/13Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw1-1View
DUNNINGTON9:30am 07/10/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin7-0View
DUNNINGTON9:30am 07/10/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin3-2View
DUNNINGTON9am 07/10/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin6-1View
DUNNINGTON9am 07/10/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin7-0View
BROOKLYN11am 23/09/12AWAYLoss3-5View
BROOKLYN11am 23/09/12AWAYLoss0-2View
BROOKLYN10:30am 23/09/12AWAYLoss0-5View
BROOKLYN10:30am 23/09/12AWAYWin4-2View
COPMANTHORPE10am 16/09/12Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw3-3View
COPMANTHORPE10am 16/09/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin4-3View
COPMANTHORPE9:30am 16/09/12Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss2-3View
COPMANTHORPE9:30am 16/09/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin4-0View
WIGGINGTON11am 09/09/12AWAYWin11-0View
WIGGINGTON11am 09/09/12AWAYDraw2-2View
WIGGINGTON10:30am 09/09/12AWAYWin8-0View
WIGGINGTON10:30am 09/09/12AWAYLoss0-2View


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