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Match result

TeamMixed U9 - Ebors
OppositionHamilton Panthers Friendly
Kick off9:30am 05/09/2010

Match report   Good to be back playing football. A fantastic team performance, it was not just about scoring the goals it was how we passed the ball amongst ourselves which the Panthers could not handle which enabled Charlie to score a hat trick on his debut


Dave Walton
CaptainCallum W
Player of the match

Team stats

PlayerPositionContributionGoalsClean sheetsBookings
Adam JDefencePlayed full match   
James HMidfieldPlayed full match   
Akif SMidfieldPlayed full match2  
Eddie MDefence/MidfieldPlayed full match   
Charlie JForwardPlayed full match3  
Callum W   ©Forward/MidfieldPlayed full match1  
Dougie BMidfield/DefencePlayed full match   

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