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Match result

TeamBoys U19
Kick off1:30pm 18/09/2011

Match report   Match report coming soon...


Terry Taylor
CaptainEdwin G
Player of the matchJoshua B

Team stats

PlayerPositionContributionGoalsClean sheetsBookings
Chris MGoalkeeperPlayed full match 1 
Jonathan BDefencePlayed full match   
Edwin G   ©MidfieldPlayed full match   
Dominic HMidfieldPlayed full match   
Liam HMidfieldPlayed full match   
Jack BDefence / MidfieldPlayed full match   
Joshua BForwardPlayed full match2  
James DForwardPlayed part match   
Oliver SForwardPlayed full match   
Nick TForwardPlayed part match1  
Ashley HPlayed full match1  
Samuel PPlayed part match   
Daniel WPlayed part match  Yellow card  

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