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Mixed U9 team page

Manager:Adrian Pickup, Dave Bell, Ray Meehan
Maximum age *:   9
Fixtures & results:Click here for full-time results
* - maximum age on 1st of September of the current playing year.

Mixed U9 squad

NamePositionPlayedScoredClean sheetsPotMCaptainYellow cardsRed cards
Andrew M    22 3   
Baran O    11 2   
Ciaran H    68 1   
Harrison B    45 3   
Jordan S    00 1   
Marcin C    11 2   
Matthew G    46 2   
Max F    23 3   
Nathan B    11 1   
Samuel O    614 3   
Samuel Pi    11 3   
Samuel Pi  Midfield  46 3   
Scot L    22 1   
Sebastien S    34     
For Played, F=Full match, P=Part match, S=Substitute
PotM = Player of the Match

Recent results:

Woodthorpe11am 21/04/13Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw1-1View
Woodthorpe11am 21/04/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss1-3View
Woodthorpe10:30am 21/04/13Lord Deramore's SchoolWin4-2View
Woodthorpe10:30am 21/04/13Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw1-1View
Rawcliffe10am 14/04/13AWAYLoss0-4View
Rawcliffe10am 14/04/13AWAYWin5-0View
Rawcliffe9:30am 14/04/13AWAYLoss1-2View
Rawcliffe9:30am 14/04/13AWAYLoss0-1View
HAXBY10:30am 17/03/13AwayWin3-1View
HAXBY10:30am 17/03/13AwayWin3-2View
Hamilton Panthers10:30am 10/03/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss1-2View
Hamilton Panthers10:30am 10/03/13Lord Deramore's SchoolWin3-2View
Hamilton Panthers10am 10/03/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss1-3View
Hamilton Panthers10am 10/03/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss1-2View
ELM PARK11am 24/02/13AWAYLoss1-2View
ELM PARK11am 24/02/13AWAYWin10-0View
ELMPARK10:30am 24/02/13AWAYDraw1-1View
ELM PARK10:30am 24/02/13AWAYWin1-0View
Copmanthorpe10am 16/02/13AWAYLoss1-3View
Copmanthorpe10am 16/02/13AWAYWin4-1View
Copmanthorpe9:30am 16/02/13AWAYLoss0-5View
Copmanthorpe9:30am 16/02/13AWAYWin4-2View
EASINGWOLD11:07pm 10/02/13Lord Deramore's SchoolWin2-1View
EASINGWOLD11am 10/02/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss0-1View
EASINGWOLD11am 10/02/13Lord Deramore's SchoolWin5-1View
EASINGWOLD10:30am 10/02/13Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss1-2View
TADCASTER ALBION11am 13/01/13AWAYWin4-1View
TADCASTER ALBION10:30am 13/01/13AWAYWin6-1View
Strensall10:30am 06/01/13Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw2-2View
STRENSALL10:30am 06/01/13Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw1-1View
DUNNINGTON9:30am 07/10/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin7-0View
DUNNINGTON9:30am 07/10/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin3-2View
DUNNINGTON9am 07/10/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin6-1View
DUNNINGTON9am 07/10/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin7-0View
BROOKLYN11am 23/09/12AWAYLoss3-5View
BROOKLYN11am 23/09/12AWAYLoss0-2View
BROOKLYN10:30am 23/09/12AWAYLoss0-5View
BROOKLYN10:30am 23/09/12AWAYWin4-2View
COPMANTHORPE10am 16/09/12Lord Deramore's SchoolDraw3-3View
COPMANTHORPE10am 16/09/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin4-3View
COPMANTHORPE9:30am 16/09/12Lord Deramore's SchoolLoss2-3View
COPMANTHORPE9:30am 16/09/12Lord Deramore's SchoolWin4-0View
WIGGINGTON11am 09/09/12AWAYWin11-0View
WIGGINGTON11am 09/09/12AWAYDraw2-2View
WIGGINGTON10:30am 09/09/12AWAYWin8-0View
WIGGINGTON10:30am 09/09/12AWAYLoss0-2View


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