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Viewing results for the 2014 season...

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Mixed U9 team page

Manager:John Lewis, Richard Iggulden, Tony Sanderson
Maximum age *:   9
Fixtures & results:Click here for full-time results
* - maximum age on 1st of September of the current playing year.

Mixed U9 squad

NamePositionPlayedScoredClean sheetsPotMCaptainYellow cardsRed cards
Airan T  Midfield  6 (:5)0 1   
Archie M  Midfield  37 (:36)39 6   
Clemmie C  Forward  26 (:26)13 3   
Declan S  Midfield  33 (:32)17 2   
Edward B  Defence  6 (:6)0 1   
Ethan C  Goalkeeper  23 (:23)033   
Harle K  Midfield  31 (:31)1 1   
Jack J  Defence  29 (:29)6 7   
Jake P  Defence  21 (:21)1 5   
Jonathan T  Midfield  34 (:33)25 5   
Joseph M  Goalkeeper  34 (:34)533   
Leo B  Midfield  00     
Liam D  Forward  31 (:31)24 2   
Lorenzo V  Forward  22 (:22)6 1   
Luke F  Forward  10 (:9)10 1   
Luke H  Midfield  25 (:25)9 3   
Nicholas M  Forward  35 (:35)26 2   
Robin J  Midfield  32 (:31)2 1   
Sam B  Midfield  00     
Sam L  Defence  31 (:31)2 2   
Samuel R  Goalkeeper  37 (:35)266   
Sebastian O  Defence  34 (:33)2 3   
Will M  Midfield  37 (:36)10 6   
William A  Midfield  9 (:9)6 1   
For Played, F=Full match, P=Part match, S=Substitute
PotM = Player of the Match

Recent results:

EborsFulford FC (Plate Final)7:15pm 08/05/15PoppletonWin5-3View
VikingsFulford (Plate Final)7:15pm 08/05/15PoppletonLoss3-5View
EborsOsbaldwick (Plate - Semi Final)6:30pm 08/05/15PoppletonWin5-3View
VikingsPoppleton (Plate - Semi-Final)6:30pm 08/05/15PoppletonDraw0-0View
VikingsHamilton Panthers11:36am 19/04/15The OutgangWin3-1View
EborsHamilton Panthers10:15am 19/04/15The OutgangWin2-1View
EborsHamilton Panthers9:45am 19/04/15The OutgangLoss3-5View
VikingsHamilton Panthers9:45am 19/04/15The OutgangLoss0-2View
EborsYork RI11am 29/03/15York RILoss2-7View
VikingsYork RI11am 29/03/15York RILoss0-2View
VikingsYork RI11am 29/03/15York CiWin3-1View
EborsYork RI10:30am 29/03/15York RIWin4-2View
EborsBishopthorpe11:30am 22/03/15The OutgangLoss1-3View
VikingsBishopthorpe11:30am 22/03/15The OutgangLoss0-5View
EborsBishopthorpe11am 22/03/15The OutgangLoss0-6View
VikingsBishopthorpe11am 22/03/15The OutgangDraw0-0View
EborsKaresborough Town11:15am 15/03/15The OutgangWin3-2View
EborsYork RI11:15am 15/03/15The OutgangLoss1-4View
EborsYork RI (Plate 1/4 Final)10:45am 15/03/15The OutgangWin3-0View
VikingsKnaresborough Town (Plate 1/4 Final)10:45am 15/03/15The OutgangWin3-1View
EborsPoppleton11:30am 01/03/15The OutgangWin4-0View
EborsPoppleton11am 01/03/15Lord Deramore's SchoolWin1-0View
EborsPoppleton11am 01/03/15The OutgangWin5-1View
EborsPoppleton10:30am 01/03/15The OutgangWin3-1View
VikingsEasingwold (Plate 2nd Round)12:45pm 08/02/15The OutgangWin6-0View
VikingsEasingwold12:15pm 08/02/15The OutgangWin3-1View
EborsHuntington11:45am 01/02/15Win1-0View
EborsHuntington (Plate - 2nd Round)11:15am 01/02/15HuntingtonWin10-0View
EborsStrensall (U9s Plate - 1st Round)12pm 18/01/15The OutgangWin3-1View
VikingsStrensall11:15am 18/01/15The OutgangWin5-3View
VikingsWoodthorpe11:30am 11/01/15WoodthorpeLoss1-3View
EborsWoodthorpe11am 11/01/15WoodthorpeLoss1-4View
EborsWoodthorpe10:30am 11/01/15WoodthorpeLoss0-4View
VikingsWoodthorpe10:30am 11/01/15WoodthorpeWin6-1View
VikingsHaxby10am 07/12/14HaxbyLoss1-2View
EborsHaxby10am 07/12/14HaxbyLoss2-5View
VikingsHaxby9:30am 07/12/14HaxbyLoss3-6View
EborsHaxby9:30am 07/12/14HaxbyLoss2-3View
EborsHuntington10am 23/11/14The OutgangLoss0-6View
VikingsHuntington10am 23/11/14The OutgangWin11-0View
EborsHuntington9:15am 23/11/14The OutgangWin9-1View
VikingsHuntington9:15am 23/11/14The OutgangLoss0-2View
EborsBishopthorpe (Cup/Plate Qualifier)11:30am 16/11/14York RILoss0-2View
VikingsBishopthorpe (Cup/Plate Qualifier)11:30am 16/11/14The OutgangLoss0-1View
EborsYork RI (Cup/Plate Qualifier)11am 16/11/14York RILoss1-3View
VikingsYork RI (Cup/Plate Qualifier)11am 16/11/14The OutgangWin5-1View
EborsWoodthorpe (Cup/Plate Qualifier)10:30am 16/11/14York RILoss0-7View
VikingsCopmanthorpe (Cup/Plate Qualifier)10:30am 16/11/14The OutgangLoss1-4View
EborsDunnington9:45am 02/11/14The OutgangWin6-3View
VikingsDunnington9:45am 02/11/14The OutgangWin7-1View
EborsDunnington9:15am 02/11/14The OutgangWin6-2View
VikingsDunnington9:15am 02/11/14The OutgangWin7-1View
EborsBishopthorpe10am 19/10/14BishopthorpeLoss0-8View
VikingsBishopthorpe10am 19/10/14BishopthorpeLoss4-5View
EborsBishopthorpe9:30am 19/10/14BishopthorpeLoss1-3View
VikingsBishopthorpe9:30am 19/10/14BishopthorpeLoss0-6View
EborsBrooklyn11am 05/10/14The OutgangWin5-1View
VikingsBrooklyn11am 05/10/14The OutgangWin5-1View
EborsBrooklyn10:30am 05/10/14The OutgangWin3-0View
VikingsBrooklyn10:30am 05/10/14The OutgangLoss1-2View
EborsWigginton11:30am 21/09/14WiggintonLoss0-5View
VikingsWigginton11:30am 21/09/14WiggintonWin3-1View
EborsWigginton11am 21/09/14WiggintonDraw2-2View
VikingsWigginton11am 21/09/14WiggintonLoss0-4View


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